Obama has a PLAN?

Okay: I get infinitely tired of people who spew talking points without taking the time to adequately research things. For instance:

“Barack Obama doesn’t have a plan. It’s impossible to tell where he really stands on issues. You can’t vote for someone just because they talk nice.”

I would say, “idiots”, roll my eyes and move on, except I’ve seen this particular one perpetuated by really intelligent people. I don’t know why anyone would expect to hear a twenty point plan detailed in a stump speech or debate- in a debate the candidate might have five minutes if they are lucky, and the point of a stump speech isn’t to impart information so much as inspire. As much as one might hate Obama, the man knows how to inspire.

If you want to know about Obama’s stances on the issues, go here. That is available to all, right on his website! I’ve even direct linked you, so you don’t need to go through the pointless subscribe screen (which you can bypass, by the way) and waste a few precious minutes of your life scanning the link bar. (Issues is the second link. Wow. Skillfully hidden.)

To further shed light on this incredible conspiracy of silence from Obama, I did a little google sleuthing. If you google “Obama Stances” you come up with this page from ontheissues.org: Obama On the Issues

“Obama Issues” leads to Obama’s own issues page (previously linked) once again proving how hard he’s trying to hide it.

“Obama Plan” leads to two of Obama’s specific issue pages, health care and energy. It also tells us that he has a plan to end our occupation of Iraq.

“Obama Agenda” will eventually lead you to a Propeller article about Obama’s desire to close income gaps.

If you google “Obama has no plan” you’ll mostly see articles debunking the idea that he has no plan… which makes me wonder, why are there so many intelligent people out there perpetuating this almost laughably stupid idea? Oh, that’s right. There’s some youtube videos of people saying it, and it’s on the radio, and the talking heads on the news networks shout it out over their guests protestations, and that which you hear loudest and most often must be true.


3 thoughts on “Obama has a PLAN?

  1. thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. if i hear one more person say, “hope is good, but it doesn’t accomplish anything”, i’m going to scream. he doesn’t have hope without a plan, he has hope WITH a plan, and that seems like a good thing to me.

  2. Seems as though you & I see EYE to EYE on this one little sHuster. As I’ve told folks, Obama makes want to go out and do something, to give back. No other candidate out there, Democrat or Republican has moved me this way. Funny thing is that my many of Republican colleagues are saying the same thing.

  3. Jen: You’re welcome. And hope, in and of itself, can accomplish a great deal. The youth vote is stronger this year than it ever has been- that MEANS something!

    PolitiP: Obama truly seems to transcend party lines. It’s his strength, and possibly his weakness- but I want to believe. I like that feeling.

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