Vacation Linky-Boo

I’ll be officially on vacation from the 16th to 28th.

Since new people come across this blog all the time, I’ll post links to a few of my favorite posts here to give everyone things to read.  That, and so people who are just starting to follow me can more easily get to the juicy bits of my archives.

Top ten posts of all time:

What if I were Gay?

God told me to write this post.

Homosexuality isn’t Bestiality.

The Church and Homosexuals

Gay Marriage

Have Good Sex.

Open Forum: What do you believe about Homosexuality

Unnatural Relations

Sex and Marriage

Indoctrination = Child Abuse?

Since most of my top posts are either tagged “sex” or “gay” (the two words that bounce the most people to this blog) but my blog itself is about more than sex and homosexuality, here are some of my personal favorite posts about other topics:

Sighted Faith

without love, NOTHING.

The Subjugation of Women in Religion

The Subjugation of Women in Religion (part two)

Speak Plainly.

Legislating Morality

Parenthood is not Cute.

Hormones. Oh, yes…

little boxes

Beijing Olympics come at a high price

That’s a fair mix of my most viewed posts, my most search-referred posts, my own personal favorite posts and posts I know that other people like.  Oh, and then there’s the Random Monday from several weeks back that started the sex-and-bacon-sandwich joke that sometimes confuses newcomers.

So, there you go!

And in the spirit of introduction, I’ll also talk a little about myself in this post.  I’m a stay at home mom of two small kids.  I’m editing a few novels I wrote myself and hope to publish someday, hopefully sooner than later.  I’m active in my home church and lead a few small groups.  My father was a pastor and thus a healthy respect for the scriptures is in my blood.

Other things you may be interested to know:  I make jewelry, I bake like a fiend, I’m addicted to chocolate and I haven’t meant a single person yet who God doesn’t passionately love.


Well, I’m off to pack for a very much needed vacation.  Take care, faithful readers.  Hug somebody.


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