Christian Housewife visits Atheist Site.

A few days ago an atheist by the login name of croixian1 left a comment telling me that God was a “magical faerie” and asking me to visit his site.

Anyone who knows me at all would realize that I then had to visit. No one is ever allowed to question my faith and have me not respond in some way. Really. Croixian1’s site offered very little that I found compelling, aside from a post which called the recent overturning of the gay marriage ban in California a “bad day for bigots”. Well, Thank God I’m not a bigot! It was a good day for me.

In the side bar he linked to a bunch of other sites that are supposed to also help me realize why God is Imaginary. Most of them talked about thinks like there being no quantitative proof that prayer works, or talking about the inherent hypocrisy in Christianity and how Christians don’t actually behave as if Christ were real.

Guess what? I agree wholeheartedly with many of their assertions, but I still believe that God is real. My favorite of the sites, simply enough called God is Imaginary had a list of several things to contemplate as “proof” of God’s unreality. I take issue with several of their points. I won’t go through them one by one all in one fell swoop because who has the time… but I will address a few here. Like their “look at your church” point, in which they describe a church that is moving onto 33 acres and building soccer fields and a new building with a “huge” sanctuary and library as “your typical church.” I don’t know what America those guys live in, but in my small town the “typical” church seats about two to three hundred, barely has sufficient parking and doesn’t pay their pastor much. In small towns the country over that is the case. Why a few hundred “mega” churches are accepted as the norm and the standard by which all churches should be judged baffles me. It’s simply not logical.

They also offer the fact that “You ignore Jesus“. I hope they didn’t mean me. They show several verses in which Jesus talked about the fact that we should sell our possessions to feed the poor, not acquire wealth, and serve God not money. All great verses. All teachings that I follow. We live in the first floor of a rental house and live sort of communally with our upstairs neighbors, sharing the work and sharing our things. We drive two vehicles, one a van we bought from my parents very used and the other another used car. We paid cash for both. We don’t have credit cards. We don’t have many possessions at all. We live a lifestyle of sharing and giving and work with our church to take care of our neighborhood homeless. My husband and I follow those teachings. So, people who made God is Imaginary, you lose on that point as well. Are there many Christians who don’t follow those teachings? Yes. Are there many who don’t know Christ? Yes. But this little Christian does.

There also seems to be a focus on the fact that many Christians don’t believe in evolution and thus Christians are irrational. Guess what? I don’t believe in the “Young Earth” teachings. I believe that evolution isn’t necessarily at odds with faith. If to God a second is a thousand years and a thousand years is a minute, then how do we know how long those seven days took? The Bible was written by humans and thus is open to human flaw, as human understanding simply cannot encapsulate the Godly mind. We don’t know how our Earth was created– but believing that it was created is still entirely possible.

I looked at the entry titled “Think about a Christian Housewife” because I am one, and I wondered if they might have anything interesting to say about me. They posed a situation in which a housewife prays for God to help her clean a mustard stain off of her favorite blouse and that prayer was “answered” and then they ask why the same housewife couldn’t just, you know, pray for poverty to be eased or the hungry to be fed.

Kiss my Christian Housewife Ass.

I never, ever, pray over such trivial things as a stain on a blouse. If I did, I’d spend my entire life in prayer as I’ve got two very young, very messy children. And I DO pray for the poor and the hungry. I DO pray for world peace. I pray for a lot of things which the people who penned that site have absolutely no concept of. Do I believe my prayers will be answered? That’s an insanely complex question to address and would take an entire post in itself, if not a series of them.

But one thing I am sure of:

If Christian Hypocrisy is the Atheist’s strongest argument against God, Christianity needs to change.


42 thoughts on “Christian Housewife visits Atheist Site.

  1. Wow, it’s like you are in my brain or something. I’ll just say ‘ditto’ and ‘Amen’ to your whole post, especially the last point.

    I found a link the other day on another blog to a church that has outgrown their facility. So guess what they are doing? Instead of building a bigger, fancier building they have decided to do church outdoors, creating an ampitheater type setting because they think their money could go to better use to aid the poor. OK, they are in CA, that particular idea wouldn’t fly here in the upper midwest, but that church kind of blows their idea that churches (as a whole)don’t think about the poor out of the water. (In addition, the church is creating the area to be used as a park during the week by the community, how cool is that?)

  2. I will begin here but have many, many more examples. In fact I was visiting with my chiropractor this week and he sayd “M.. you have more answers to answered prayers than anyone I know.”

    “no quantitative proof that prayer works”

    Two years ago we were asked to care for a two and four year old brother and sister. We were told that this would be under the States “Safety Plan” and therefore would NOT be getting any assistance from any one. We know the family the kids were coming from and immediately wanted to do it but told the girl we had to talk to our other family members and pray about it. After talking with God about it we had a sense of peace so agreed to do it. We didn’t get the pencil and paper out and look at our budget and try to figure out if this were a man’s thing could it work. Clearly it would not but we believed God would be involved in this. We were shocked to find out that day care had gone up since our bio-kids (29-24-19) had gone. Now we needed an additional $800 a month just for that. Then the other day to day stuff. Pampers, diapers, food, clothes, etc. The two year old was very withdrawn and walked around with his head down without talking all the time. The four year old would only have a bowel movement every week-ten days.

    Everyone at our local church also knows the family. When we took in our “new kids” our pastor made an announcement and told everyone that if God put it on their heart to “participate” in what we were doing it would be appreciated. Wow! We got a few checks for several hundred dollars, many, many checks for one hundred or less and so on. When Christmans rolled around someone came up to me at church and gave me a check for $500 to make sure the kids would have a nice Christmas (that’s another subject all together but I knew where their heart was). Then the realy big thing was about a year after taking the “new kids” in the transmission went out in my wife’s Buik. A couple of weeks later someone GAVE us a 2002 Chrystler Town & Country van with leather, wood trim, AM/FM/CD/DVD/CASSETTE PLAY STATION 7 inch monitors in the head rests and a 13 inch TV that drops down from the ceiling. Now besides this being a vehicle we would never buy for ourselves it was a blessing in another way. Since we now have so many car seats we would have to take two vehicles when we did family things. With the new van we could all go in one van! It’s been just over two years now since we took in our “new kids” and they are so different. THEY have been the blessing to our family!

    “They show several verses in which Jesus talked about the fact that we should sell our possessions to feed the poor, not acquire wealth, and serve God not money.” My youngest bio-daughter attended a Christian school and one of the girls envited all of us (new kids too) to visit their Sunday school class. They knew what we were doing for the “new kids” and had gathered clothing, toys, etc. to give to them. My first thought was, “great, why can’t you send them home with my bio-daughter?” But, I thought, maybe they just want to see the “new kids” or something. When we got there the “new kids” were taken to their designated age appropriate class and we went to ours. We were introduced and saw the three or four large trash bags of stuff they had gahtered. When we got the stuff home and looked at it… it was shameful. We did not keep a single thing. It was all so worn out or just plane ole nasty. But they felt good about themselves helping the “less fortunate”. I don’t want to seem ungrateful but Jesus didn’t call us to look in the bottom of your closet and clean it out for the poor. If a man asks you for your cloke give him your shirt too!

    “We don’t know how our Earth was created” I don’t know how I landed where I did on this but let’s look at this.
    Genesis 1: 1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
    2 Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

    Okay, the Earth WAS (emphasis added) without form. Well if anything “was” it had to be “is” before it was “was”. So isn’t it at least possible that the Earth existed on some level before it was created in it’s current state?

    Regarding prayer, somewhere in Scripture we are called to “pray without ceasing”.

  3. I’m Atheist myself. I don’t believe there is a god, but I would never go around saying stuff like that. It’s kinda rude in my opinion!

    • Jenny,
      You don’t have to go around saying that no God stuffs.You should only go around just asking yourself.If there is no God than who would take all the trouble to create the heavens & the earth & including yourself with its intricate design,structure, colour? Who? A simple table also needs a carpenters imagination to built it.How one could blantanly espect Nature to create all that.What is nature?? A being who have brains or imagination??Its just a word created by those stupid scholars.

    • “Kiss My Christian Housewife Ass”

      Hmmm. If you are defending your relationship with God/Jesus to prove or disprove what kind of Christian you are…

      Cursing just doesn’t cut it for me.

  4. Oh my. That mustard stain example is just waaaay too much for me. [gets Shout! from shelf…]

    And I just don’t think the Bible was intended to be a science textbook – “day” can mean any number of things, but I’ll leave the determination of that up to God himself.

    M54, I’m so sorry about what happened with that school, and honestly think they had no idea about real giving [sigh]. Your stories about these kids (and about the handicapped boy at your church) have brought tears to my eyes – so you go!

    (You too, Lindsey!!)

  5. “If Christian Hypocrisy is the Atheist’s strongest argument against God, Christianity needs to change.”

    I’m thinking more along the lines of: Christians need to change. (And I’m sure that’s exactly what you meant…)

  6. graceunbound, wvhillcountry, Jenny and jaklumen: Thanks!

    M54: I really grieve for you and all that you’ve been through, and I think it speaks to what a sincere and honorable person you are that you persist in faith and dedication.

    e2tc: Thank you. And thank you for showing compassion to M54, your capacity for emotion is one of the [manifold] things I appreciate about you.

  7. Aw shucks [blushes and looks at feet]

    M54, I’ll just second what Lindsey said about sincerity, honor and all the rest.

  8. Wow-
    From the title I wasn’t expecting this post… I’m an atheist, and I expected to see a story of someone who is interested in finally letting go of religion. I like to hear those stories, if for no other reason than to respect the bravery it takes to question your own foundations. On the other hand, the only thing I know about you is “Christian Housewife”. So I read on, and I get the impression that you didn’t intend on really changing your mind, but you did seem to make an effort to understand more. I think that’s all most of us atheists are trying to do. But then there’s the ‘vocal’ atheists on sites like that..

    So… when you visit an atheist site, just keep in mind there are a bunch of people there who have had a rough experience with religion. I’ve noticed at a lot of the atheist groups or gatherings I’ve been to, there tends to be more than a healthy dose of recovering fundmentalists, or people who are freshly out of religion. Some of them are still a tad ‘raw’ I think from the experience. They think there’s this thing called religion that you can be mad at because of the harm it did to you, or the time it stole. I think we all know sometimes it seems easier to hurt when you have someone to blame.

    Also, atheists can become almost addicted to logic.. like the links to the “proof” that god doesn’t exist. I’m not sure why anyone would try to do that? It seems like kicking a stool out from someone to me. It doesn’t work that way. Losing your religion is hard enough- wondering what will possibly fill that gap, and what could soothe the anxiety of realizing you are alone. I think a lot of people are still in that position for now. It’s really scary. It’s an existential tail-spin. You close your eyes as if there were going to be an impact.. but then, you’re fine. Of course you are. Of course you always were.

    I just wanted to say I respect your opinion. You sound like you’ve had a big enough dose of atheism for now, but if you’re interested in learning about (my kind of) atheism in the future, I suggest reading a poem called “Thanatopsis” by William Cullen Bryant

    That’s a good start if you were a little cold (like I was) on the ‘nuts and bolts’ approach to life that a lot of atheists seem to take. As if not believing in something is a direction! That’s just the beginning.

    • Jake & all the Atheists,
      You all are just interested to discuss about faith among yourself, just to gain support within each other to multiply your followers so that one is not alone or minor in Hell!Put forth all your arguments & accept the challenge for truth!

  9. All I have to say is that I agree with you on most of the stuff… Creationism is unknown and though I may disagree with you a bit on that, it is a minor detail in our faith. We both agree that God created, how is not as important and not worth arguing over. I could say more about what we’ve gone through that goes against the atheistic arguments, but I feel like so much has been said already by your and M54, so I’ll just leave it for now.

    M54 – I’ve been on the receiving and giving end of the clothes factor. There have been bags of “junk” and bags of “treasure” and I’m sure you’ve had both. It taught me to make sure and check out all the clothes my kids have outgrown carefully and decide whether it goes in the giving bag or the trash bag. With four girls, there aren’t too many girl stuff still available, but with only 1 boy, I’m usually able to pass on most of his shirts and nice pants. (His jeans almost always end up with holes in the knees.)

  10. Julie: Thanks for the comment. I don’t really “disagree” with Creationism, I just state that I’m not sure, and thus I won’t condemn any view that says that God is the author of human life- since to me that is the most important point.

    Jake: Hey, thanks for taking the time to write all that out! I’ve nothing against atheists, in fact, I think it takes an incredible amount of bravery to question one’s faith at all, and while it grieves me that such questioning can lead to the end of faith, I accept that fact. I think that rationality, ethics, and personal morality are also to be applauded.

    What really gets to me is the condescending attitude that some of these sites take. The, “if you would just think about things you’d realize that I’m right.” I feel like my intelligence and sincerity are being questioned, which makes me defensive, which then closes me to the possibility of being stretched by their arguments.

    I wish that more atheists would realize that by simply stating, “this is how/why I came to this conclusion” they would gain more ground, as then it is about them and their rationality and not my lack thereof.

    And I realize that a lot of people leave traditions because of real and grievous wrongs. Which is why Christians need to change. We need to stop shooting our wounded.

  11. Ah, I just had to come back and comment again because I found this amusing. Barely half an hour after reading your post I was cleaning my kitchen of the clutter of papers that accumulate (I think they breed overnight) and was flipping through some back issues of The Mennonite that my mother-in-law had dropped off. And what did I see in the April 15th issue? An article titled “Christ and the New Atheism”, written in response to the recent crop of books by atheists attempting to debunk religion. The article made some excellent points, which seemed to echo what you are saying. I like the closing paragraph the best:

    “The rise of New Atheism presents us with an opportunity to assess our failings and refocus on our priorities. The best counter is not another slightly more shrill argument but a searching look at ourselves.”

  12. I appreciated you post,it made me smile.
    I like the casual, calm way you answer the questions.
    Sadly many Christians rabbidly argue as if they need to protect God. Myself,I am a devoted conservative and yet keep an openness to discuss other views without judgement.

    My 2 cents worth – If we only know about 10% of all there is to know as scientists tell us, how can an atheist or anyone say that there is ‘NO’ God. Reasonably, in order to know that there was certainly no God, one would have to have ‘ALL’ knowledge – (be omnisient – in other words ‘be God’) in which case one would have to be God to say there was no God. 🙂

    Thanks also to Jake for your comments I appreciate you objectivity.

  13. Oh, and I meant to say Jake that I have found and am reading “Thanatopsis” by William Cullen Bryant.
    Not to say that I that my mind is so open that everything falls out, but it will help me to at least understand where you are coming from.

  14. Jake and all the other athiests please keep one thing in mind about mankind and God and religion.

    Mankind (pretty much on every level) will fail you.

    God will never fail you.

    Religion is made up of mankind.

  15. M54, as a Christian myself I would totally agree, but for an atheist that would sound quite illogical and contradict how life plays out.

    In reality God never does let us down, but when a Christian experiences a tradgedy – terrible car accident injuries or the like, an atheist can ask ‘didn’t God let you down then?’

    I think we need to clarify – for us, many bad things will happen to us through life, this is part of living in a fallen world, but, God will confort us through them till we die and then live with Him without any more problems for all eternity.

    Jake, it is really a question of focus I think – because
    we hold such a great hope for the future life, this life and it’s sufferings are seen as a short, sometimes uncomfortable introduction to the real life we will have. Whereas, logically for the atheist, this short life is all there is, and so if there is a Sovereign God and He lets bad things happen to us, then He must have let us down.

  16. I’ve lived all over the world (grew up in SE Asia), and have seen Christianity in all sorts of cultural contexts. Sadly, so often Christians follow the culture more easily than Jesus, but that should not invalidate Who Jesus is. I believe in Christ; not “Christians”… Yes, Christians need to change; but to look perfect isn’t the answer either. Christians are supposed to be those who admit easily that they are the worst of sinners (hence they need Christ), and who then work hardest to change.

  17. Speaking as an atheist, I would never be such a jerk as to ask someome “Didn’t God just let you down?” after they experienced a tragedy.

    I also don’t expect people to justify/defend their beliefs. We’re not all that Croixian person.

    I disagree with the idea that atheists must have no moral compass because we get that from following God. Um, no. There are these things called laws, you see. 🙂 And I follow them because I’m a good person (and also not a sociopath).

    But Lindsey, people on both sides try and “recruit” people to their cause. And I find it obnoxious either way. You’re my friend and I know you’re smart. If you believe in God, awesome. If another friend doesn’t, also awesome. My mind doesn’t change based on who agrees with me or who doesn’t. And I know yours doesn’t either.

    • Kelly,
      You must have misunderstood Lindsey’s intention.You’re accusing her of recruiting to one’s cause.She is spreading the truth, to save all her beloved human brothers & sisters from hell!
      And Lindsey,
      There is only one true God, the one you should discover & its definitely not Christ.

  18. “I disagree with the idea that atheists
    must have no moral compass because…. ”

    True Kelly, morals are intuitive – people know deep down what is good and what is evil. There are those who wish to ignore that knowledge and ‘be a bad person’ so to speak and there are those who listen to their conscience try to be a ‘good person’. This is bit of a clumsy explaination but nobody wants a thesis here.

    We see the genuine Christian as one who yeilds up their own desires and even life to God to build on that conscience to be something more than a ‘good person’ – to be ‘Christ-like’ – love, forgiving, patient, speaking of Christ’s love and His dying on the Cross for our wrong doing, honesty, speaking up about injustice, feeding the hungry, prayer, etc…

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  20. “kiss my christian housewife ass” deserved a link from my tattooed punk rock christian pastor blog. thanks for the post – and renewing my hope in the body of Christ!

  21. graceunbound: Thanks for the quote! That is great, I’ll have to see if I can find more on it online.

    Neil, M54 and Lena: Thanks,guys. You all have said it so well I’ve nothing to add. 😀

    Kelly: Ah, the whole objective morality argument. I try not to get into it. I believe that most people are perfectly capable of personal ethics without a belief in God. I like my Jesus, but that doesn’t mean that everyone in the world needs to think just like me. Wouldn’t that be horribly BORING? 😀

    jimfox: From one tattooed Christian to another, thanks!

  22. I think that Christians in general get too hung up on debating the existence of God. And trying to find ways around certain unexplainable details like the meaning of a Genesis day or how the sun stood still for Joshua. I think all that is pretty well pointless. For me, my faith revolves around one thing. That Jesus Christ rose from the dead. As Paul put it, that is the lynchpin of our faith and if Christ has not risen, our faith is in vain

  23. I haven’t read the comment stream, because I feel compelled to comment about your last statement.

    If Christian Hypocrisy is the Atheist’s strongest argument against God, Christianity needs to change.

    Why does it need to change? It’s easy to attack someone else’s beliefs when you base your life around not believing what they do. Atheists can’t believe, because they choose not to. They say god is a cop-out from willingly exploring what science offers. That science explains all, but science doesn’t. So these atheists have to blindly have faith that science will one day explain those unanswered questions hoping that science does not one day reveal that there might actually be some sort of higher being that had an intelligent design in creating our universe.

    Personally I hope science never does prove intelligent design. I know enough about metaphysics and myth to know that the mystery is the most important thing, without mystery there is nothing to strive for, nothing to know better. And that I think keeps humans evolving.

    But back to Christian hypocrisy. They attack it because they can and always will because its an easy argument made by the willfully ignorant. It’s the same as saying muslims are all willfully evil because they fly planes into buildings and abuse their women. And it’s the same as saying all Atheists are immoral anarchists who believe that they can kill with impunity because Darwin said survival of the fittest. It’s BS and we both know it.

    So why does Christianity need to change?

    (PS I may not see your reply kuz I don’t get e-mail alerts from wordpress, so feel free to hunt me down other ways)

  24. (was Jake, the token atheist)

    Lindsey, I was a bit curious myself about that last line. What needs to change exactly? You are clever, funny, and reasonable.

    Tony I’ll concentrate on what we agree on.
    “without mystery there is nothing to strive for, nothing to know better.”
    I agree.

  25. oh..

    “Jake and all the other athiests please keep one thing in mind about mankind and God and religion.

    Mankind (pretty much on every level) will fail you.”
    I agree

    and Neil-
    Excellent. That poem is one of the puzzle pieces for me, and there’s a bunch of them.

    I think that the “mankind will let you down” comment is something I may agree with. I guess it’s about your expectations. What do you mean “let you down?” I think if you’re looking for answers in other people (or other places), you’re always going to be let down.

  26. Hey Jake, I should probably clarify. I have nothing against atheists in general, my comment was directed more against those atheists who argue against religion citing hypocrisy as a prime example. Personally I think people should be free to believe what they want to and argue their point intelligently and passionately as long as they can be respectful. (Or at least as respectful as their subject is deserving. I would personally have a hard time being respectful of the beliefs of someone from the Westboro Baptist Church.) I just find hypocrisy a lame duck argument because hypocrisy is subjective and pretty much universal. To me it’s like a hunter arguing against an animal rights activist because the activist swats mosquitos.

  27. Tony & Jake: The problem is that hypocrisy has become the norm. Christianity, as a whole, doesn’t really seem to be adhering to Christ’s teachings. Instead they propagate their beliefs as a kind of “fire insurance”, which wasn’t what our faith was intended to be. In the New Testament when they talk about the “Kingdom of God”, they are talking about Christians, not Heaven. Hence, when Jesus says “thy Kingdom come… on Earth as it is in Heaven”, he’s not being cryptic. He’s saying that the community of Christians be as one with God’s will as the Angels.

    That just blows my mind, because it is so painfully far from what we know.

  28. What is what you know? History is filled with examples of people who didn’t like how a certain set of doctrines jived with their visionary modern lifestyle and therefore changed the doctrines and started a new sect. I never figured you’d fall into the trap of chanting that people need to go back to the “old ways” but it sounds as if you are.

    Maybe you’re not, but you just said 2 alarming statements about the state of modern Christians in a single blog post, those statements have a theme and that theme is that Christians need tradition if they will survive the assaults of their enemies, and while I accept this is true the Lindsey I know saw God in everyone and everything, and knew that her belief and caring was enough. If others needed tradition and doctrine to fuel their faith then so be it, but YOU didn’t.

    Something’s been altering your mindset on this matter. Don’t let people get you on the defensive, you know how to find God.

  29. Tony: You misinterpret me. I’m not talking about a return to all tradition, just a true understanding of what the Bible actually says, and the Bible seems to be fairly clear on the fact that faith isn’t just about eternity, it’s about that faith having an effect on our daily lives as well.

    I think that faith has grown stale for a lot of people, and that makes me sad. It also makes me sad that instead of learning from the lessons that Atheism can teach Christians about how they are perceived, the knee-jerk reaction seems to be to condemn them whole cloth.

    I haven’t changed. I still think that Love is everything, that God is love and that living a life of love is our highest calling as humans (not just Christians). I don’t need tradition or doctrine, I just want truth.

  30. I accidentally happened upon this site and I will probably never post here again, but I must say something.

    The Bible is truth.

    For those that doubt it, or disagree with me, they must walk in their own decision for their life. I believe, and always will believe this is so.

    I don’t defend every so-called Christian out there. For many, I am sure that their walk has become nothing of faith, but a comfortable way to assure they make it to heaven. Neither do I pretend that I know everything about God, or that there aren’t seeming contradictions in the Word of God. But why would we want to serve a God that was small enough to put in our own little neat box? Why would we want a God that we fully comprehended and understood? That is not our God. God’s will is His own, and when He chooses to disclose His will to us, it is because we are willing and listening to His voice.

    You can’t expect to go on your own way, not listening and uncaring, and expect to hear God’s voice. Anyone can tell you that hearing requires listening. It’s easy to ignore that which you don’t want to hear.

    To the creationism vs. evolutionism, I have no comment except to say, for those that believe God, we believe He is true. The Word is God, so the Word is true. We as humans all believe in something. We all worship something. For those who declare God is false, they are believing in something else, and worshiping something else. God created man to seek something higher than himself, and that desire remains in men. Because of the fall of man and the subsequent control of our enemy, Satan, men and women naturally want what they want. They are rebellious. We all are, even Christians. Being a Christian does not eliminate that tendency from us, but hopefully, through a walk of faith and healing, it is slowly eradicated from our being. Being filled with the Holy Spirit furthers that healing, and the ability to triumph over the enemy in our life.

    Religion is not what God wants. He wants a people, a Kingdom of His people on earth that love Him. For He loves them. True Christianity is not based on fear, but on love. That does not explain how many so called Christians show hate and vindictiveness, just like the so-called non-Christians. The only answer to that can be: these who may believe in God, have not fully given themselves into His power, “to will and work for His good pleasure”. They do not walk in the fullness of His love. For God’s love is perfect.

    I don’t argue, I don’t condemn, I don’t judge, for none of these things are the way my God is. I only speak the truth, and present the basis of my faith to you.

    Instead of reading the Bible looking for falsehood, read it with a heart that is willing to be shown whether it is in the right or not. Just like anybody could tell you that hearing requires listening, so anyone could tell you that the students who learn the most want to learn the most. They enter into their learning with a desire to absorb and understand.

    “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life…” Jesus said. I believe that and will walk in that all my life, with His help.

    May God continue to teach you His ways and impart His truth to all.

  31. I, too, stumbled on the website. All I can say is the poster is a snarky, bitter person who needs prayer. My husband and I are the only two Christians in our immediate families (with the exception of his mother). I’m used to dealing with such people. My brother is a hedonistic Satan worshiper. (Is it any wonder why we moved?) Best thing to do is pray and ignore them. Proverbs 26:4 and all that.

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