Abortion: comment guidelines

This topic is one that pushes a lot of hot buttons, and gets a lot of blood flowing.  I’ve mentioned it in the context of larger issues just to have those issues pushed to the background by how prevalent the need to frankly discuss abortion is.

So, in order to give this large topic it’s due, I’m going to write a series of posts on it to examine it fairly from every angle, from several contexts.  We will approach abortion from the angle of science, of religion, of ethics, from the standpoint of mothers of multiple children and scared teenage girls- will talk about the often unmentioned topic of parental rights- mainly the rights of the prospective father and grandfather.

And, finally, coming full circle- we will talk, again, about what good Christianity can and can’t do- especially if business as usual continues.

A few guidelines for comments:

1– While I don’t mind people pointing out topics they would like to discuss, I would like them to keep in mind that the following will be a series of posts- so always, please, address the topic at hand or hold your breath until a post fits better into your agenda.

GOOD:  I would like to hear more about the rights of the father.  But, pertaining to the topic of Biblical studies- you have neglected a verse in the old testament I particularly like, as follows (…)

BAD:  What you said is totally irrelevant because you’re ignoring how it affects the father.

2– While I acknowledge that my beliefs as a Christian don’t necessarily line up with the larger body, don’t attack my personal morality or the personal morality of other commenters.  You can feel free to quote a verse or teacher that you think is relevant or that I’ve ignored- but say something demeaning and you risk your comment being redacted or deleted.

GOOD:  I find it hard to face this sort of question, considering the fact that you are asking us to pick sides between a helpless infant and a mother who should take responsibility for her own actions.

BAD:  If you really think that you aren’t a Christian. Boy are you gonna be shocked come Judgment Day.  Oh, and [commenter Z], you’re a painted Jezebel.  Watch out for dogs.

3– Obviously these are divisive issues, and as such there will be things said by myself and other commenters with which you will disagree.  AND THAT IS FINE.  I realize I’m saying the same thing three times- but, be polite.  And try to react only to the content of the posts and comments. Do not infer beliefs that aren’t directly stated.  Do not make gross generalizations.  Be sure that you are reacting to actual things said, not simply things you’ve heard before.



Lila says:

I’ve always personally seen the Christian urge to control women’s reproductive rights as an extension of their desire to return to a patriarchy in which men are the priests of the house and women are to be silent

John says:

Wow Lila way to quote the democratic handbook, surprised you didn’t take a potshot at Sarah Palin there

Lila says:



Mark says:

But have you even seen the pictures of the fetuses?  Doesn’t that break your heart?  Can you really stomach knowing that you are endorsing that?

Jeanna says:

Yeah and next your going to mention killing the elderly as being the next step aren’t you?  I DON’T WANT TO KILL YOUR GRANDMA

Mark says:

I’m sure Nan will be glad to hear that?


Mary says:

But you have to consider what it’s like for a raped girl- as if the violation hadn’t gone on enough, now she has to face a pregnancy, everyone making assumptions about her, knowing that this has been done to her against her will

Steven says:

Sure, and then there’s the whole “life of the mother thing” and all of that other idiocy, all of it just a blanket excuse to make it okay for women to get abortions instead of learning to be responsible for their own actions.  Whatever.  All you people ever do is ply on our sympathies and try to make us feel bad for you, when at the end of the day it’s only about not being told what to do.

Mary says:

All us people?  How did you know I was black?  Freaking bigot.

Steven says:


Now- those were all comment conversations I made up.  Because cutting and pasting some of the real things I’ve seen would turn my stomach.  Please- keep this all in mind as we go on this journey together.  I don’t want to smack any of you down- but I will if I have to.  Topics like this are hard enough to face without fear, condemnation, and misinterpretation complicating matters.


13 thoughts on “Abortion: comment guidelines

  1. I have to say that the “watch out for dogs, Jezebel” line of yours was classic. 🙂

    Someday I’m going steal that. (I will give you full credit.)

  2. L – maybe you could do the sidebar link with a *big* font, bolding, the works? I think what you’re saying here applies to all of the “issue” posts here (and elsewhere, for that matter) and it’s *definitely* worth having front and center!

  3. Tony: I’ve deleted three and edited one- but I haven’t *posted* on it much.

    On homosexuality- I’ve deleted a few more, and edited a lot more than that for language. The things some people say- I can hardly believe it sometimes. (I’ve been called a painted Jezebel before. And the guy wasn’t joking either. Woof!)

  4. John says:

    Wow Lila way to quote the democratic handbook, surprised you didn’t take a potshot at Sarah Palin there

    Lila says:


    ROFLMAO! :sigh: That gave me a chuckle. Probably THE reason I don’t bother with political blogs (except for Politiporn, but he’s special. 😉 )

  5. Hey, I quit posting comments at Cute Overload because there were so many people trolling! I just don’t bother with political blogs. 😉

  6. As always it makes me sad that you feel the need to write “guidelines” on behavior and how to respond to your posts. Doesn’t it make you wonder about these people who are so full of hate and negative that they would respond with such evil? Doesn’t sound particularly “Christian” to me. And the fact you would have to smack anyone down… how utterly pathetic that they cannot use their logic and carry out a decent argument/debate without it having to go there.

    Grow up people! Sheesh!

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  8. Amber, not everyone here is a christian – so not all of them are going to play the game by christian rules.

    Having said that, I agree with this post. I think above all respect of others is needed.

  9. goldnsilver, your point is valid as I myself am not a Christian. I guess my comment was that it is usually those proclaiming to be who are the worst offenders of poor behavior.

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