Random Monday

  1. In family life: I suddenly understand why men calls tears “emotional blackmail”.  My son has started to have these violent tantrums in which he and others can get seriously injured (Picture a thirty five pound toddler bucking, kicking, punching, screaming, rolling, and throwing large objects), and about three seconds after the screaming, biting and hair pulling is done, he starts crying and saying “mommy cuddles mommy cuddles I need I need I need”.  Yes, so I get it.  It doesn’t seem fair if one minute someone is trying their best to hurt you, and the next minute they are crying and you feel as if you HAVE to hold them because you love them.  But- I hold him, because I love him.  And I suspect he knows this is the case, otherwise he wouldn’t push the boundaries constantly.
  2. In Religion:  I recently wrote a “highlights” version of Ecclesiastes, which goes as follows:  “Everything human is futile.  Careers, politics, trying to stay ahead of the Joneses.  We work all day long and what do we get?  Broken backs and sweaty faces and barely enough food to get us through the day.  All of our effort adds up to nothing but pain.  So what should we do?  Enjoy what we can, make love to our spouses, find pleasure in things before they fade away.”  I once heard an Atheist call Ecclesiastes the “most honest book of the Bible”.  I agree.
  3. In Politics:  In case anyone has forgotten, there are perfectly valid reasons to support either candidate.  For instance, one might support John McCain because they feel that his promise to regulate the Medical Industry more fully is more practical than Obama’s promise to work towards government sponsored health insurance.  Or they may want to make inroads towards privatized social security, or a revamping of the Veteran’s Administration.  People may support Obama because they want easier vouchers for childcare, a revamp of Federal Education grants, work towards a balanced budget or a quicker withdrawal from Iraq.  Keep in mind that there are actual issues at stake and talk about those.  For the love of all that is holy- DO NOT ALLOW the conversation to devolve to a “he said, she said” playground squabble.  We’re all better than that.
  4. In Food:  I have processed and canned over thirty jars of food in the past month.  I’m exhausted.  But I’m also looking forward to a very yummy winter.  (Except… anyone want grape jelly?  Five quarts seems excessive, and there are still grapes on the vine.)
  5. In Fashion:  Leggings…  are they really for people over the age of ten?  Inquiring minds want to know.
  6. In Television: I’m getting tired of the comparisons between X-Files and Fringe.  Just because they both involve a very attractive and brilliant FBI agent suddenly paired with a quirky and fast-quipping tall, handsome man whom people distrust and sometimes mock and they both involve “fringe” science, unexplainable phenomena and a vast conspiracy that involves a secretive government task-force doesn’t mean they are remotely the same.  After all, X-Files respected the procedural aspect of the drama.  And Fringe has more one-liners.
  7. In Bacon: I keep hearing about bacon covered chocolate.  It’s heresy.  Chocolate and Bacon are sacred, and should be kept separated with as much respect and trepidation as Church and State.

7 thoughts on “Random Monday

  1. I like grape jelly.

    I like Fringe, too. It’s no X-Files (which I love with a love that is greater than love) but I’m liking it so far and I am looking forward to tomorrow’s episode (which I will probably watch on Wednesday). And you’re right, they’re totally different shows.

    The chocolate-bacon combo intrigues and terrifies me. I like both of those things, but I am not sure they’re two great tastes that taste great together (like, say, chocolate and peanut butter).

  2. Bacon covered in chocolate! LOL!!

    This is sooo weird, I was just telling somebody about bacon dipped in chocolate during a conversation about weird fried foods. Then I come back to my desk, get online to check out Shush/Lindsey and lo & behold bacon dipped in chocolate. I’m gonna have to try it now.

    My contribution was a favorite from back home in DC. If you’re in the Nation’s Capital, stop by Loeb’s Deli and get the foot-long hotdog wrapped in fried bologna. I think they call it the Statue of Liberty. Freedom fries on the side please. 😉

  3. Oh please don’t ask me to go back to what I was wearing in the 80’s…Oh wait, blue jeans and tee shirts. Same as today. Whew, you scared me there for a minute.

    As for tears being emotional blackmail? I rarely cry…or should I say I rarely cried. I seem to be turning into the softy. I cry at the drop of a hat anymore.

    I love grape jelly and homemade saurkraut. I was wanting to can some kraut this summer but it didn’t work out 😦

    As for the bacon, keep it away from chocolate. Bacon should be enjoyed crisp with a chaser of a cold beer and cigarettes. LOL Sorry going down memory lane there.

  4. Hmmm bacon and chocolate – I mean I have eaten it with Hershey’s sauce before and that was deeevine but dipped dunno should be interesting. There is nothing better than a bacon and banana pizza though yummy!

    See you distracted me with food no need to visit the fridge before I comment any further!

  5. Lindsey
    Just wanted to let you know you have another one from sister friends that drops in. 🙂 Nice writing. Thanks
    ‘In Fashion: Leggings… are they really for people over the age of ten? Inquiring minds want to know.’
    PLEASE tell me it isn’t so. Leggings had to be the worst thing from the 80s & there were a lot of bad things. My daughter won’t even wear them this year. (she just turned 11) I’m with wvhillcountry jeans & a tee shirt.

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