Donations widget

I now have a donations widget in my sidebar.

This blog is not NPR.  It is not brought to the world by readers like you.  I won’t shut down and plea for donations, ever.

But for those who have expressed an interest in expediting the process of the work put into this blog being put into a convenient thirty page pamphlet (to be given to family, friends, and picketing t-shirted Evangelicals) this widget provides an easy, anonymous, no-hassle way to sponsor hours spent feverishly pounding keys.

I’m honored that people have expressed an interest in helping get the book made, and I’m blessed that some people have gone out of their way to contact me.

The past few days have been such a blessing.  There really are no words sufficient.

Now there is a widget.  Use it if you want to, ignore it if you don’t.  No pressure, no expectation.


6 thoughts on “Donations widget

  1. Amber: Thank you.

    Mssc54: Amen. Donations aren’t necessary for this blog to run or for me to be able to write beyond it- but people have contacted me asking if there is a way they can support the production of a book, and I wanted to honor their wishes. After all- giving isn’t just about the person who receives- it’s about the blessings returned to the giver, as well.

  2. I NEVER want to rob another of their blessing by not letting them bless me! 🙂

    Heck, I figure they already have the Holy Spirit and I’m not their back-up Holy Spirit.

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