God wants to tell you something.

Never speak for God unless you are absolutely positive you’re right.

My blog touts my own opinions, and hopefully it’s clear to everyone that reads it that these are just the thoughts of one girl.  This girl may talk about what she thinks Christianity as a whole should be like, she may talk about what she thinks that the Bible says, she may express her own opinions about what she thinks she hears God saying- but do I speak on behalf of God?

I hope not.  I hope that God still speaks for himself.

I realize on this blog I’ve been spending a lot of time harping on about how we need to trust God to speak and trust God to bring conviction- but I do that for a reason.  Allow me to explain the logic of this choice, on my part:

  • We start with the assumption that God has things he wants people to know.  I feel this is a safe assumption to make.  There are a lot of verses in the Bible devoted to God wanting his people to hear his voice.  If God the unchanging I Am, I would wager it’s safe to think that he still wants his people to hear him.
  • Next comes the assumption that God, then, will speak.
  • At this point I think we very, very safely go with the idea that God will first try to speak directly with the person whom he has a message for.
  • Either that person is in a relationship with God and listening, or is not in a relationship with God and thus not listening.
  • God tends to not bash people upside the head or blind them off their horses more than a few times every couple of years, so he probably won’t do that.
  • Here is where the other people listening to God come into play.

Enough bullet points.  Everyone sees where this is leading.  Now, what does God do next?  He may tell you or I that he’s wishing to speak with So-And-So; but in all my years of following God I’ve very rarely heard him say, “hey, tell John I need to talk to him about this or that.”  Perhaps from time to time God does do that, but more often than not what I’ve experienced is God asking me to show someone compassion, or grace, or to shower them with acts of service, or to offer myself as an ear to hear or a hand to hold… and then, in time, the person in question’s heart is softened and they hear God.

Some may be called to prophecy for the edification of the Church, but these days it seems like everyone is hearing from God for everyone, and God doesn’t seem to have that much nice to say.  I wonder when we stopped hearing God wanting to uplift people, wanting to exhort, wanting to care for and be merciful to.  I wonder if so many have been called to speak on God’s behalf, why aren’t there more apostles?  More healers?  More pastors?  Why do we have churches full of people all speaking for God, and no balance of gifts?

Or is it not really God’s intent to have all of us speaking on his behalf?  Perhaps we’d really be better off softening each other’s hearts to hear his voice independently.

I really do think he has a lot more to say than what we’re saying.


6 thoughts on “God wants to tell you something.

  1. And while we are at it, can we stop condemning each other to hell because we think God says so? Please?? Pretty please with sugar on top? I mean, if I had a nickel for every Born Again Christian that has condemned me to hell for not believing exactly as they do…. Man I would be rich!

    Thank you very much and have a nice day!

    P.S. If you are going to condemn me to hell… at least donate the nickel to Lindsey’s mission will ya???

  2. Reading Philip Yancey again recently and he was talking about the ambiguity of God and his directions i.e. how wrong people have gotten some of the clearest commands in the Bible. Making disciples of all the world has been used as an excuse for massacre and enslavement.

    I think it suits God as well. My friend was talking once and we seem to have this idea that Christianity must make sense yet it is a mass of contradictions. The world must be ordered to the mind of science. Yet God is three and one. Sovereign yet granting us free will. Even the Cross makes no sense. We don’t deserve it.

    Food for thought at least

  3. First of all (as you know) God IS speaking. Our problem is we don’t often hear correctly.

    Most times we get somthing going, (a new project, a new love, a new big purchase, etc.) then we ask God to bless it. Perhaps we would be better off spending time with the Lord to see (first) if He wants us involved in any of those things.

  4. Hayden; Perhaps God DOES want to tell you the winning Loto numbers.

    However, it will likely not be in the form of a two dollar ticket. It will more likely be in the form of revealing to you how He wants you to become the next conduit He can use to fund some form of benevolance.

    It all gets down to motive. If it’s about us and our “toys” I doubt that will be the path.

    But (but it’s evident) I’m not God. He can pretty much do most anything He deems necessary at any given moment. Or not.

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