Novella Excerpt #2

So that you know I am indeed putting my sabbatical to good use. I’m still hoping to have the completed work available for order by the seventh, although that will be cutting it REALLY close, as it’s still not really done.

But these few lines, I just like. I’m not sure if my love of them is justified, but I love them indeed. So I give you a much shorter conversation between the Pastor and Associate pastor, once the pastor has started to see the implications of tossing out the gay couple, but the elders are still holding firm that they will not tolerate gays in their midst:

Tilly nodded curtly and walked away without excusing herself. As the lobby door banged shut I turned to John and said, “I take it your conversation with her didn’t go very well.”

“It went as well as I expected,” he replied. “She sees no reason to consider the implications of throwing Kyle out. She sees any consequence as a result of Kyle’s hard heart and choice of lifestyle. In her mind it’s like… Like a judgment he’s earned.”

I must have made a bitter face. John nodded and continued, “I know, I know. It’s not like Christ. And the more I’m watching the events unfold, the more I realize that it’s not like Christ. It may be Godly to see homosexual acts as sin, but it’s certainly not Godly to make no attempt to save the boy.”

“Or to help him, or love him. It’s not just salvation we’re talking about, John, it’s mission. It’s our role in this world.” I felt so hopeless. There was so much on my heart and it just wasn’t making it all out in my words. “How are we to reach the lost if we feel we must always keep them at arms length? How are we to embrace the weary if we feel we must not become unclean? Have we forgotten the point of the New Testament? Of Freedom from beneath the law?”

“Call nothing unclean which I have made clean,” John said soberly. “God’s word for the gentiles.”

“I don’t believe for a second that God would suddenly make an exception for the gays,” I replied.

John looked as if he agreed with me but was also terrified. “I feel as if my entire worldview has been turned on it’s head.”

“Good,” I said, with a smile.


3 thoughts on “Novella Excerpt #2

  1. Lindsey – I really can’t wait to read the rest of your novella – you are an amazing writer – but more importantly – you put into words so many of the things that I’m trying to say – I’ve had almost the same arguments with others both in my church and outside of it. I’m so grateful for your truthful writing!

  2. This is compelling stuff Lindsey! May the Lord use it to move the hearts of untold individuals to see things in a different light! This Christian lesbian sure is hoping for that to be true!


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