It is written!

The Novella is completed.

It will be up for sale sometime this coming weekend if all goes well.

That means that starting Monday, this blog will return to it’s regularly scheduled programming.

As fun as the throes of creation are, I’m going to be very happy to pull up the covers on this one and settle back into regular blogging.

I’ve missed blogging!


14 thoughts on “It is written!

  1. It’s now called “Honest Conversation”. I have a few editorial snags to clear up, and I’m working on getting things converted to a PDF and getting the layout finalized and the cover graphics finalized- hopefully things will run smoothly and it will be listed on Cafe Press tomorrow or Saturday.

    Of course I’ll do a big official post with links and graphics and an excerpt and the whole shebang once everything is ready. 😀

    This is all very exciting!

  2. Lindsey ((((HUGS))))) I am so very proud of you. I know what you have been working on is well worth the effort you have put into it. I’ll be first in line to purchase a copy.

    And I am thrilled that you will be back to regular blogging. I really have missed you.

  3. Oh yeah, yes, yes, yes, it IS all very exciting! Big fat hugs to you sista! I share in your joy and excitement and my goodness, I have never seen anyone get a book published so fast! YOU GO!!!

  4. Lindsey – that’s awesome! I’m so impressed on how fast you’ve pulled this together and look forward to buying a copy (or two.) 🙂

  5. Stephanie: well, in all honesty, I’m publishing the first run myself, so it is slightly less impressive!

    wvhillcountry: thank you so much!

    Jen: If anything, I am a woman driven! 😀

  6. Thank God you are back! We were all heathens without you! I tell you there was drinking and debauchery all around here! And they didn’t invite me either! Waaaaaa!

  7. Faemom: Thanks! I hope you like it!

    Amber: Aw! How dare they not invite you to the party! We’ll have to remind SF that she has to share those cookies with the whole class- it’s just not polite to hoard!

  8. Lindsay,

    I am so proud of you, my friend! I will be first in line to buy. Will you offer volume discounts, I know like 100 people who NEED to read it.


  9. Matty: People who want to buy in bulk will be able to order for me for anywhere from fifty cents per book off (for orders of ten) or a dollar off (for twenty or more)

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