From your head to your heart to the world

Anyone heard that cliche about “head knowledge” versus “heart knowledge”?  You know, the youth leader says it’s not enough to have the knowledge in your head from reading the Bible, it has to get into your heart.

I’ve always been a strange girl, and I would picture a surgeon clamping someone’s chest open and inserting a Bible.  Getting knowledge into your heart seemed to be a grisly occupation.

The past few weeks have found our little group (remember the group that May Or May Not be a Church?) searching for a way to find the precepts of faith that we are passionate about, and make them go from Principles (Head Knowledge) to Practices.

It’s been an interesting experiment.

And since I have nothing else of substance to blog about today, I’ll share them all with you.

Our Principles:

  1. Living Creatively
  2. Generosity (Hospitality)
  3. Knowing Jesus

and those have turned into Our Practices:

  1. Do one creative act every week.  (This can be anything from writing, to painting, to making an interesting meal, to anything creative, really.)
  2. Show generosity to someone every week.  (Or hospitality, or both.)
  3. Learn about Jesus.  (needs no explanation.)

And every week we check in with each other to see how the experiment is going.

I’ve found that I don’t need to make any effort to really follow through with my practices- although learning something new about Jesus every week is a little hard after over fourteen years of being a devoted and studious little Christian.  As a group we’ve had some really amazing reports from the real world application of our principles.

So- I’m wondering:

Does anyone reading this have a similar method of turning principles into practices?  Or- what would happen if you borrowed mine for a week?  Would it be hard, or would it come naturally?  How close are you to really living the precepts of your faith?


4 thoughts on “From your head to your heart to the world

  1. “Saints” is always plural in the Bible. We need each other to achieve “sainthood.” As iron sharpens iron… Keeping each other accountable is key. I have some people keeping me accountable.
    Good post. Thanks for the encouragement today.

  2. Wow. I mean wow. That really got me to thinking, especially that my personal faith is different from my Faith. I find that I would have a problem with the generosity part because my husband is ultra-gracious to many losers and I tend to fight him on that, but I give as much as I can to charities and the Church.

    So how do you learn something new every week about Jesus when you study him so much? Do you know his favorite color yet? 🙂

  3. What seems to work the best for me is me failing so badly and then asking Him to come in and fix things.

    I am beginning to understand John 15 — Jesus says, without ME, you can do nothing.

    It is about surrender to Him, basking in His love and letting Him accomplish everything.

    Lifelong lesson!

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