A short inspirational message

Recently events in my life have reminded me that miracles still do happen.  (Those who also follow me on Facebook and Vox will know what I’m talking about, otherwise email me if you want in on the mystery.)  Sometimes, life backs us into a corner.  We find ourselves at the bottom of the well and the string is broken.  We angrily remind God that the Bible says if we ask for bread He won’t throw stones.

And God laughs.  We may mistake this for cruelty, but it’s not.  See, we’ve forgotten about the magic and the mystery.  We’ve turned faith into a twelve step program.  We’ve tried to boil everything down to cause and effect.  But life isn’t like that.  Sometimes, if you’re willing to believe, we fall into the well and we wake up in Wonderland.  We lock ourselves in the wardrobe, and stumble into Narnia.  We think there’s no hope, but that’s just because we don’t see reality the way that the Divine does.

We’ve forgotten about the mystery.  We, in our modern world, think that everything is programmable and able to be penciled in on our day planners.

But you don’t plan for Narnia.

So, my message for you today?  Don’t allow yourself to believe that this is the end.  Don’t allow yourself to be trapped by the thinking that each day will carry on like the last.  If you’ve asked God for bread and he hasn’t given you any, then trust that it’s because there’s a time of plenty in store and you don’t want to fill up on bread.

Just believe.


10 thoughts on “A short inspirational message

  1. Lovely.
    I was just reading from an author this last week who refers to this kind of thing, as well as other aspects of God we just can’t ascertain completely on this side as ‘sacred ambiguity.’
    And you’re right, we just can’t plan for it! 🙂

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