Ishmael or Isaac

Most of us know the story that spans Genesis Chapters 18-21.  But, for those of us that don’t, I will attempt a quick summation.  Abraham is visited by an Angel of God.  He is told that he will bear a son and become the father of many nations.  His wife, Sarah (who is barren), laughs at this news.  So Abraham, questioning how this is to happen, decides to impregnate his wife’s maidservant and raise the progeny of that union as his heir.  This ends badly, as Sarah does eventually concieve and the maidservant and her son are sent away.  The histories then seem to show that Abraham’s offspring through Sarah become Israel, and his offspring through Hagar become a nation at Israel’s neck.

Thus, the moral of the story is that we shouldn’t rush God’s calling.  When we rush things, we create Ishmael’s.  We create nations that seek to destroy God’s true work.  If we wait, if we trust, we have Isaacs who give birth to Israel’s- we have God’s true work.

I have seen evidence of this in my own life.  Time and time again I sense a vision being called- and time and time again I want to see it fulfilled immediately.  In my own impatience I wear myself out trying to force it when the timing simply isn’t right.  And time and time again, as I finally release it and stop trying, I see it fulfilled.

We need to learn to sense the current of the waters, the direction of the wind, the time that is coming.  We need to stop trying to make things happen for ourselves and trust that if God’s call is true, his vision will gain fullness in it’s own time.

I think the reason we want to force God’s hand is selfishness.  Like Abraham, we want to see it for our own sake.  We don’t trust that God is truly taking care of us- we think we need to do it for ourselves.

We need to remember that only God can give conception to his true work.  When we try to do the job ourselves, what we create will always be bent and broken, will always be a threat to God’s true glory.


4 thoughts on “Ishmael or Isaac

  1. Interesting post. It’s hard to trust in God, to put yourself in His hands. It’s hard to have faith in that everything will work out just fine.

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