Overheard in my head

Person A:  What, so all I have to do is focus really hard, and I can stop being gay?

Person B:  If you pray hard enough and trust in God, yes.

Person A:  So if you focused really hard, could you become gay?

Person B:  Why would I want to do that?

Person A:  For the sake of argument let’s imagine you do.

Person B:  But why would anyone want to just be gay, just like that?

Person A:  imagining you do

Person B:  But I wouldn’t ever want to.

Person A:  Okay, so we’ve got a lack of imagination here.

Person B:  You just need to believe that your life could be completely different than it is now.

Person A:  But I wouldn’t ever want to.

(Lindsey scurries to make notes to write this into a novel someday.)


5 thoughts on “Overheard in my head

  1. Haha-How about a lack of faith in God? Maybe they aren’t truly “saved” either? And if they should so reply that they are happy being the way God made them? *gasp* Blasphemy!! I’ve heard all of these things and more at some point.

  2. http://queerbychoice.com

    This is the problem I have with looking for the gay gene. Because then being gay will be something we cannot help?
    WHO CARES? Free will means you can choose to love, have sex with and (in certain countries) marry someone of ANY gender or sex.

    I believe that’s the battle we should be fighting. Whether it’s inherent or choosen. It doesn’t really matter. I should be free to marry whom ever I choose. Just as I am free to work outside the home, vote and wear pants as a woman. And as a man should be able to wear a dress if he so chooses.

    True equality.

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