See your circumstances as malleable

Oh, it’s April Fool’s day.  I’m supposed to do something shocking and humorous.  Uh…  I’m totally writing this post in my underwear.  No, really, I am!

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.  So far, in my “path to overcoming” we’ve covered believing in our own sufficiency, being willing to be vulnerable, recognizing God’s timing, and that I often have conversations in my head.  Oh, wait, that last one was just a bonus.  Today we’re going to talk about seeing our circumstances as malleable.

I remember one conversation with a friend who was threatening suicide.  She kept saying, “I just can’t live like this anymore, I can’t, I can’t.”  And I kept reminding her that being dead wasn’t the only way out.  “But what else can change?” she responded.

The answer?  Nearly everything.  Some things never seem to change.  You may look at your family dynamic and think that everyone is still the same as they were twenty years ago- and that may be true.  But just because some things stay the same doesn’t mean that everything always MUST.

Allow me to try to explain this a different way.  Look at nature.  The snowmelt runs down the mountain because it must, it’s a natural directive, there is no other way.  But plumbing shows that we can sometimes tweak things to our advantage, we don’t change natural law but we change natural circumstances.  Water flows up in our pipes because we’ve found another way, to take that momentum of the snow melt and force it to our advantage.

Whatever your situation is: you have the power to change it.  If you can’t pay your bills, you can either find a way to make more money or find a way to live off less.  If you are frustrated in your relationships with your family, you can find a way to change your own patterns or a way to break them out of theirs.  If work is exhausting you and making you feel trapped:  simply DO NOT ACCEPT THIS AS THE WAY THINGS HAVE TO BE.

The second you accept the fact that your situation does not have to be permanent is the second you can start plotting change.

The first step to victory is accepting it as possible.


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