Are you driven?

Let’s talk about passions.  The things that keep us going from day to day, the things your life would seem empty without.

I know one guy who loves making short films.  It started in the sixth grade, when his class was given the option of writing an essay about a Shakespeare play, or making a video essay.  He got his family to help him put on a production of Romeo and Juliet, with a running joke that went, “what, is that FORESHADOWING?”.  It was clever, got him an A, and made him want to do the same thing for Micheal Crichton’s Jurassic Park the next year.  His love for short film has been going on 16 years now, and fills shelves full of homemade DVDs with everything from stop animation to puppets to religious inspirational fare.

I have another friend who loves to build things.  Give him anything, even a wire hanger and a snips, and he’ll make something.  Conversations over coffee lead to the food on his plate becoming a sculpture, or place mats folded into elaborate designs.

And then there are the dancers, like my daughter.  Awkward when just walking around the room, she’ll hit her head going through the doorway.  But put on some music and her five year old body flows.  She glows with happiness, she comes fully alive.  She adores dance, she lives to sing little songs about how much she loves the little things like birds or her brother or birthday cake.  Why does she do it?  She just does.  Ask her, and she’ll respond that it’s happiness.

It is.

There is a school of thought that says that some people are artistic, some aren’t.  That some of us have creative drives, some don’t.  I refuse to ascribe to that thinking.  We all have creative drives in some areas of our lives.  Some people plan menus with an amazing depth of creativity.  Some stay-at-home-moms order their days with mind-blowing creativity.  Some executives run their companies in incredibly creative ways (and these are the ones that are successful- cardboard cutout executives are a dime a dozen).  I think that tuning into that creative streak and allowing it to be a part of your daily life is one of the most fulfilling things a person can do.

So what’s your streak?  Where are you driven to think outside the box, to dazzle a little more than the average bear, to flourish?  Don’t fight it down.  Don’t force yourself to be average.

Embrace it, and shine.


2 thoughts on “Are you driven?

  1. I used to think that I was driven to write, but I find myself stuck in the parking lot. And I’m not sure scattered comments on blogs and FB statuses count. Pray for me. Seriously. Please.

    • Your life is definitely going through a major metamorphosis- I’d wager that on the other side, you’ll feel called back to the things you used to do to worship God.

      But, in the meantime, you certainly have my prayers. (And I do not say such things lightly!)

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