SciFi Sat, er, FRIDAY!

My daughter’s birthday part is tomorrow, so due to poor planning this weeks SciFi Saturday is happening today.  I know, right?  This totally ruins everyone’s weekend.  <——-(self-aware sarcasm, that is.  Because no one but me probably remembered that SciFi Saturdays were even coming back into existence, right?)

So today’s SciFi day is going to be all about me, because I was being *totally* deadpan serious when I threatened to try to turn superhero fiction on it’s covertly misogynistic head.

If you want to follow Charis on her incredible journey from being the daughter of a whore and a murderer to being the light of Sun City, head on over to The Unkindness of Ravens and read the prologue.  There will be discussion posts in future weeks as well, because this is also going to be a little bit of a group experiment.  I want to know what my readers think of some of the tired old things in SciFi and what it is that everyone has been hungry for.  (Other than a female superhero without all of that weird, sexist, predictable baggage.)

And that’s the post for today.  Next week I promise to try harder!


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